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Bellavista ICU Ventilator

Bellavista ICU Ventilator
Bellavista ICU Ventilator
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Product Description

Bellavista ICU Ventilator

Efficient ventilation and lung protection

Today the challenges in mechanical ventilation can be very different, but the main goals are:
Minimize respiratory distress and improving comfort with our unique automated synchronization software. Reducing the workload for the health care professionals and expedite weaning.
bellavista is an innovative highly versatile ICU ventilator which delivers you a wide range of possibilities and solutions, allowing you to find the best modes to ventilate your patients.
imtmedical has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and development of medical technologies including our bellavista ventilator. Our goal is to develop the best ventilator for your daily needs. Our bellavista?s unique user interface gives you all these features simply and easy to hand.

Adaptive Ventilation Mode

When ventilation adapts to the patient and weans automatically
AVM is a smart ventilation mode that helps to reduce user interaction and ventilator settings. By constantly measuring the patients lung mechanics, AVM adapts breath by breath to the patient respiratory requirements, whether in mandatory or spontaneous ventilation. AVM always calculates the least work of breathing and this leads to an optimal ventilation pattern throughout the entire ventilation process, from intubation to extubation.

Combined with our synchrony tools auto.sync and auto.leak bellavista provides safe ventilation and rapid weaning.

A quick view can be very valuable

Animated Lung

The Animated Lung is a dynamic tool to visualize the patients lung conditions at a glance and from a distance. An easily understandable graphical interface helps you to recognize changes in the patients lung condition by showing various states of compliance, resistance and spontaneous breathing activity of the patient.

Vent Summary

Vent Summary displays an overview of the most relevant weaning criteria, like spontaneous breathing, PEEP and pressure support. The limits can be individually configured by the user. As soon as the patients respiratory parameters are within the desired range, Vent Summary switches to green and a timer indicates how long the patient maintains your extubation criteria.


auto.sync is a feature to release the patient from a fixed or manual expiratory trigger setting and to optimize synchronization of patients during spontaneous breathing. auto.sync is detecting and calculating several, different criteria with a high sampling rate to ensure a smooth transition from in- to expiration.


auto.rise adapts and optimizes risetime with a breath by breath calculation and prevents any overshoot to relieve you from the challenge of finding the correct risetime for your patient.


Our fully automated and adaptive auto. leak compensation balances highly effective inspiratory and expiratory leaks up to 120 l / min. This feature and our sensitive flow or pressure trigger prevents failure and synchrony problems for your patient.

Easy and smart

bellavista user interface

The bellavista user interface allows you to configure your customized workplace easily. By simply sliding through the pages you need for your daily routine and supported by our smart start screen to find the right setup to begin ventilation.

The maneuver screen unites all measurements that can be performed including our new Lung Recruitment Tool.

Our compact design allows you to ventilate with bellavista during intra hospital transport, and with 6 hours of battery capacity you will have enough time, to do this without additional stress.

Our software options enhance the capabilities of our bellavista ventilator. The bellavista 1000 ICU gives you a unique user experience combined with highly advanced technology.

Ventilators providing high-performance for every type of therapy are rare. For years the devices used at home were dramatically different from those used in hospitals. bellavista combines the advantages of the proven, classic proportional valve technology of ICU ventilators, with the high-performance blower technology primarily used in non-invasive ventilation. Thus, bellavista offers a ventilation platform for all applications; for invasive and non-invasive ventilation, for children and adults, at home and in the hospital.

Neonatal Suite

For your smallest and most sensitive patients we offer you our Neonatal Suite. It integrates all advanced ventilation modes like target ventilation for invasive or noninvasive application. Other non-invasive modes like nCPAP and high frequency nIPPV or High Flow Oxygen Therapy. For detailed and additional information, please ask for our Neonatal Suite flyer.

NIV Advanced Suite

With growing demand of Non Invasive Ventilation bellavista provides you an outstanding performance and user friendly tools like our Mask Fit feature, non-invasive volume controlled modes and High Flow Oxygen Therapy. Please ask for our NIV Advanced Suite Flyer for additional information.

Options and Accessories

bellavista offers a wide range of options and accessories for you and your daily needs. Please ask for our options and accessories flyer.

Technical Specifications

You want more information about the unique features, options and technical data of bellavista? Ask for our technical data sheet.